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William J. Brennan, JD Biography

Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court from 1956 - 1990
Pro to the question "Should the Words “under God” Be in the US Pledge of Allegiance?"

“I frankly do not know what should be the proper disposition of features of our public life such as ‘God save the United States and this Honorable Court,’ ‘In God We Trust,’ ‘One Nation Under God,’ and the like. I might well adhere to the view expressed in Schempp that such mottos are consistent with the Establishment Clause, not because their import is de minimis, but because they have lost any true religious significance.”

ID at 818 -- Dissent: Marsh v. Chambers, July 5, 1983

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Professor, Georgetown University Law Center, 1990-1994
  • Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, nominated by Eisenhower, 1956-1990
  • Judge, New Jersey Supreme Court, 1951-1956
  • Judge, New Jersey Superior Court, 1949-1951
  • United States Army, 1942-1945
  • Private practice, New Jersey, 1932-1942
  • JD, Harvard University, 1931
  • BA, Economics, University of Pennsylvania, 1928
  • Born: 1906
  • Deceased: 1997
Quoted in:
  1. Did the Founding Fathers Support a Separation of Church and State?