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Theodore Roosevelt Biography

26th President of the United States
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Involvement and Affiliations:
  • 26th President of the U.S., 1901-1909
  • Nobel Peace Prize, 1906
  • Vice-President of the US, 1901
  • Governor of New York, 1898-1901
  • Assistant Secretary of the Navy, 1897-1898
  • Director, N.Y.C. Police Department, 1895-1897
  • Member of the Civil Service Commission, 1889-1895
  • Assembly of New York State, 1881-1884
  • Studied in Germany, 1880-1881
  • Harvard University, 1876-1880
  • Born: Oct. 27, 1858 in New York, NY
  • Deceased: Jan. 6, 1919
  • Roosevelt was a historian, a biographer, a statesman, a hunter, a naturalist, an orator. His prodigious literary output includes twenty-six books, over a thousand magazine articles, thousands of speeches and letters