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Los Angeles Times Biography

Pro to the question "Should the Words “under God” Be in the US Pledge of Allegiance?"

“It’s a fundamentally silly ruling [the 9th circuit ruling], which deserves to be tossed out, as was the initial suit by a Sacramento atheist. The appeal should come swiftly. God willing, it will.”

June 27, 2002


” The Times’ editorial department is one of most formidable in the world – 22 foreign, 11 national and four state bureaus – and the largest newsgathering operation in California.

The Times publishes five regional editions covering the Los Angeles metropolitan area, Orange and Ventura counties, the San Fernando Valley, and an Inland Empire edition covering Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

The weekday edition of The Times contains six sections: Main News, California, Business, Sports, Calendar and Classified. On Sunday, these are expanded with Book Review, Sunday Calendar, Comics, Los Angeles Magazine, Image, Opinion, Real Estate, and Travel.

The Times publishes six weekly sections: Health (Monday), Food (Wednesday), Highway 1 (Wednesday), Home (Thursday), The Guide (Thursday) and Image (Sunday).

The Times’ website,, features more than 50,000 content pages, and is updated continuously with more than 3,000 stories posted daily.’s award-winning arts and entertainment section,, offers an extensive range of entertainment news and reviews and Southern California’s most complete event listing. The Times also produces The Envelope ( the entertainment industry’s most comprehensive, year-round awards show website.”

“Media Center,” LA times website (accessed Mar. 14, 2008)


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