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“The Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review (CR-CL) is the nation’s leading progressive law journal. Founded in 1966 as an instrument to advance personal freedoms and human dignities, CR-CL seeks to catalyze progressive thought and dialogue through publishing innovative legal scholarship and from various perspectives and in diverse fields of study.

In recent years CR-CL has published articles by professors, practitioners, and students on varied topics including zoning the homeless, political lawyering, and the right to revolution. These and other subjects continue to be some of the most exciting and rapidly developing areas of the law, and we believe that the dialogue provided by CR-CL and other progressive journals will help to shape the future.”

Harvard Civil Rights – Civil Liberties Law Review website (accessed Aug. 14, 2007)


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Harvard Civil Rights – Civil Liberties Law Review website (accessed Aug. 14, 2007)

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  1. What Are Some of the Theories and Supreme Court Tests Used to Analyze the Religious Clauses of the Constitution's First Amendment?