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Dirk Kempthorne Biography

49th U.S. Secretary of the Interior
Pro to the question "Should the Words “under God” Be in the US Pledge of Allegiance?"

“The Pledge of Allegiance plays an integral part in citizenship education for children in Idaho public schools…Congress added the words ‘under God’ to the Pledge it represented an important affirmation that the Framers of the Constitution did not design the United States as a nation void of any acknowledgement of God in our public and free society.

…Citizenship education in Idaho has been meaningfully formulated to include the options of reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, the National Anthem, or the singing of ‘America the Beautiful,’ each of which includes a reference to God. By including such references, the State of Idaho does not advance a policy imposing politics, religion or endorsing an application of a specific religious faith.”

Amicus Court Brief, Elk Grove Unified School District v. Michael A. Newdow, submitted for then Idaho Governor Dirk Kempthorne, Prepared by L. Michael Bogert, Counsel to the Governor, June 27, 2003

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • United States Secretary of the Interior, June 7, 2006-present
  • Governor of Idaho, Jan. 4, 1999-May 26, 2006
  • U.S. Senator, (R-ID), 1993-1999
  • Mayor of Boise, Idaho, 1985-1993
  • BA, Political Science, University of Idaho, 1975
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