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Council for Secular Humanism Biography

Con to the question "Should the Words “under God” Be in the US Pledge of Allegiance?"

“What we want is a society, and a Pledge, that is equally inclusive of both believers and us. This can be accomplished by simply having the Pledge fall silent with respect to God.”

Secular Humanist Bulletin, Spring 2004


“The Council for Secular Humanism is North America’s leading organization for non-religious people. A not-for-profit educational association, the Council supports a wide range of activities to meet the needs of people who find meaning and value in life without looking to a god. Its activities range from magazine publishing to campaigning on ethical issues, from conferences to support networks, from educational courses to conducting secular ceremonies, from local groups to international development. Officers of the Council for Secular Humanism include Paul Kurtz (Chairman).”

“About the Council for Secular Humanism,” Council for Secular Humanism website (accessed Mar. 7, 2008)


“The Council for Secular Humanism cultivates rational inquiry, ethical values, and human development through the advancement of secular humanism. To carry out its mission the Council for Secular Humanism sponsors publications, programs, and organizes meetings and other group activities. The Council’s specific objectives are:

To promote secular humanist principles to the public, media, and policy-makers
To provide secular humanist activities and communities to serve the needs of nonreligious people and foster human enrichment
To demonstrate the viability of the secular humanist eupraxophy as an alternative naturalistic life-stance
To engage in research relating to the critical examination of religious and supernatural claims and the humanist outlook
To conduct educational programs for all age levels”

“About the Council for Secular Humanism,” Council for Secular Humanism website (accessed Mar. 7, 2008)

Non-profit educational association
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  1. Should the Words "under God" Be in the US Pledge of Allegiance?