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Barack Obama, JD Biography

44th US President
Pro to the question "Should the Words “under God” Be in the US Pledge of Allegiance?"

“But a sense of proportion should also guide those who police the boundaries between church and state. Not every mention of God in public is a breach to the wall of separation – context matters. It is doubtful that children reciting the Pledge of Allegiance feel oppressed or brainwashed as a consequence of muttering the phrase ‘under God.’ I didn’t.”

“Call to Renewal” Keynote Address June 28, 2006

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • 44th US President, Jan. 20, 2009-Jan. 20, 2017
  • U.S. Senator (D-Illinois), 2005-2008
  • Honorary J.D., University of Massachusetts Boston, 2006
  • Best Spoken Word Album, Grammy Award, 2006
  • Chairman’s Award, National NAACP, 2005
  • 100 most influential people in the world, Time Magazine, 2005
  • 10 people who will change the world, New Statesman, 2005
  • Honorary Doctorate, Knox College, 2005
  • Harold Blake Walker Award, Christopher House, 2005
  • Rock the Nation Award, Rock the Vote, 2005
  • Democratic Senator, Illinois State Senate, 1996-2004
  • Senior Lecturer, Constitutional Law, University of Chicago Law School
  • Former Editor, Harvard Law Review
  • Outstanding Legislator Award, Campaign for Better Health Care and Illinois Primary Health Care Association, 1998
  • Best Freshman Legislator Award, Independent Voters of Illinois, 1997
  • Monarch Award for Outstanding Public Service, 1994
  • 40 Under 40 Award, Crain’s Chicago Business, 1993
  • JD, Magna Cum Laude, Harvard Law School, 1991
  • BA, Political Science, Columbia University, 1983
  • First black president of the United States
  • First black president of the Harvard Law Review
  • Born on Aug. 4, 1961 in Honolulu, HI
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