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Association of Humanistic Rabbis (AHR) Biography

Con to the question "Should the Words “under God” Be in the US Pledge of Allegiance?"

“One only needs to look at both the governmental and public backlash against the Ninth Circuit after announcing its decision in Newdow I to see how important government recognition of monotheism is to some, despite its effect of invidious discrimination against those of the imposition of minority faiths.36 Such a reaction could not possibly have been provoked unless the majority feared that government recognition of the imposition of their religious beliefs is now threatened. Meanwhile, religious minorities and nontheists stand unprotected, in clear violation of the Establishment Clause.”

Newdow v. US Congress, Amicus Brief, Feb. 2, 2004


“The Association of Humanistic Rabbis (AHR) was founded in 1967 by rabbis committed to the values and teachings of Humanistic Judaism, a human-centered approach to Jewish life and culture.”

AHR website (accessed Mar. 6, 2008)


“The purpose of the AHR is to support efforts that foster these values and to develop the on-going learning, fellowship and welfare of its members.”

AHR website (accessed Mar. 6, 2008)