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Pledge Protection Act 2005 (S.1046) Overview

I. Summary

II. Co-Sponsors

III. Related Links


I. Summary

Associated Press writer Jim Abrams reported on July 20, 2006:

“Legislation [Pledge Protection Act aka HR 2389] to bar federal courts from ruling on constitutional issues arising from the Pledge of Allegiance, including the ‘one nation, under God’ reference, passed the House after lawmakers argued that the pledge is linked to the nation’s spiritual history.

Opponents countered that such a law, a priority of social conservatives, would undercut judicial independence and deny access to federal courts to religious minorities seeking to defend their rights.

The measure faced an uncertain future in the Senate [S.1046] after the House voted 260-167 on Wednesday [July 19, 2006].”

July 20, 2006 Associated Press   

See the full text of S.1046 

Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona introduced the bill known as the Pledge Protection Act 2005 (S.1046) to the Senate on May 17, 2005. The bill was referred to the Judiciary Committee who have until the end of the 109th Congress (estimated to end Oct. 6, 2006) to take action.


II. Co-Sponsors

Senator’s Name State Party Date of Co-Sponsorship (as of 6/26/06)
Wayne Allard CO Republican July 21, 2006
Sam Brownback KS Republican May 17, 2005
Jim Bunning KY Republican May 17, 2005
Conrad R. Burns MT Republican May 4, 2006
Richard Burr NC Republican Sept. 28, 2005
Saxby Chambliss GA Republican May 19, 2006
Tom Coburn OK Republican May 17, 2005
Mike Crapo ID Republican Sept. 22, 2005
John Ensign NV Republican Sept. 22, 2005
James M. Inhofe OK Republican Sept. 17, 2005
Trent Lott MS Republican May 8, 2006
Mel Martinez FL Republican June 15, 2005
Richard C. Shelby AL Republican June 12, 2006
Ted Stevens AK Republican May 17, 2005
Jim Talent MO Republican May 17, 2005
John Thune SD Republican May 17, 2005
David Vitter LA Republican June 20, 2005


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