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New Age Religions

The 127 religious groups shown in the second chart, although divided into subgroups for the purposes of clarity and organization, are considered as distinct religions due to their unique systems of belief rather than as denominations of the various subgroups described.

I. Summary Chart of 5 New Age Religious Subgroups

II. Listing of 127 New Age Religions in America

I. Summary Chart of 5 New Age Religious Subgroups
(Total religions in subgroup)*
1. Swedeborgian Group (3)

This group believes that, “…God is Love Itself, and…Love is revealed in the personage of the Lord Jesus Christ…The Bible is the Word of God and can be read on many different levels…Life after death is real, and the details about that life have been explained in the teaching of Emanuel Swedenborg’s book Heaven and Hell…The Second Coming of Christ does not mean the destruction of all of creation and a fierce judgment on humankind. The second coming is taking place right now, in a new understanding of Jesus Christ, as revealed in the teachings of the New Church.”

(Religious Movements Page, University of Virginia, “Swedenborgian,”, 12/27/05)

2. Channeling (36)

“Channeling is generally considered the transmission of messages or ideas from non-human entities, or spirits or souls outside the human body, to and through a human, for translation and transmission to that, or other, humans…Often, but not always, preparation to channel may include the Channeler’s induction to a trance or meditative state, and may or may not require the use of crystals, stones, chakras, or other talismans to encourage the communications. Depending on the particular channeler, communications may come from the spirits of dead people, from otherworldly presences, or from spiritual leaders. A large segment of current Channeling proponents…report and discuss channeled messages from a higher, divine being, though there seems to be a general consensus among channelers that traditional Christian notions of there being just ‘one all knowing God’ is not necessarily so, and that the source of their spiritual messages may well be many spiritual entities.”

(Religious Movements Page, University of Virginia, “Channeling,”, 12/27/05)

3. Flying Saucer Group (20)

“The term flying saucer religion can be applied to a number of religious groups which invest alien contact with religious significance. Such contact is most often made on a psychic level with a member of an advanced alien race. Generally the benign aliens bring to the human race doctrine concerning spiritual advancement and eschatology. The beliefs of flying saucer religions are characteristically eclectic and often dove-tail eastern and western traditions. This ecumenical feat is accomplished by identifying historic religious figures such as Jesus Christ and the Buddha Gautama with advanced alien beings. The New Testament is a key eschatological influence for most of these new religious movements, and both premillennial and postmillennial groups exist…The leaders of these religions, termed contactees, are those who have established a steady contact with their ‘space brothers.’ Through these contactees, followers have access to spiritual instruction which in turn prepares them for their cosmic eschatological expectations.”

(Louisiana State University, College of Arts and Sciences, “Flying Saucer Religions: An Introduction,”, 12/27/05)

4. Drug-Related Group (6)

Religions that use plants or artificial substances that produce psychedelic effects. In some cases substances may be ingested by a priest or other spiritual leader to induce a trance for revelatory purposes. In other cases, substances are taken by groups of people who participate in sacred ceremonies.

Drugs and Mysticism The International Journal of Parapsychology, Vol VIII (No. 2) Spring 1966; 295-313 by Walter N. Pahnke

5. Psychic Group (62)

“The contemporary psychic community is oriented to experience…In being oriented to religious experience, psychics share a lifestyle with mystics and pietists of all ages. Psychics have leaned toward scientific demonstration of the truth of their faith. Psychics see their beliefs proved in the everyday repitition of verifiable psychic events…For some, the truth is in the deep philosophy which comes through an otherwise shalllow person who operates as a channel. For others, the truth is found in the very extistence of an invisible world of psychic perception demonstrated by clairvoyance.”

(J. Gordon Melton, The Encyclopedia of American Religions, 1978)

Total: 127 New Age Religions

II. Listing of 127 New Age Religions in America
  Name of Religion Description -each term in this column is defined in the summary chart Membership (If Known)
1. General Church of the New Jerusalem Swedeborgian Group 3,036 (1997)
2. General Convention of the New Jerusalem in the United States of America Swedeborgian Group 1,601 (2001)
3. The Lord’s New Church Swedeborgian Group Unavailable
4. Aspects of Light Channeling Unavailable
5. The Association of Love and Light Channeling Unavailable
6. Church of Amron Channeling Unavailable
7. Church of the White Eagle Channeling 982 (2002)
8. Circle of Power Spiritual Foundation Channeling Unavailable
9. Cosmic Awareness Communications Channeling 3,000 (1995)
10. Divine Word Foundation Channeling Unavailable
11. Doctrine of Truth Foundation Channeling Unavailable
12. EarthStar Alliance Channeling Unavailable
13. The Eliosts Channeling Unavailable
14. Family of Abraham Channeling Unavailable
15. Fellowship of the Inner Light Channeling Unavailable
16. Fellowship of Universal Guidance Channeling Unavailable
17. Foundation Church of Divine Truth Channeling Unavailable
18. Foundation Church of the New Birth Channeling Unavailable
19. Foundation for the Realization of Inner Divinity Channeling 15,000 (1992)
20. Grail Movement of America Channeling 400 (2002)
21. HomeWords Channeling Unavailable
22. Light of the Universe Channeling Unavailable
23. Michael Educational Foundation Channeling Unavailable
24. Michael Teachings Channeling Unavailable
25. New Age Teachings Channeling 2,000 (1992)
26. Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment Channeling Unavailable
27. Robin’s Return Channeling Unavailable
28. School of Natural Science Channeling Unavailable
29. Seth-Hermes Foundation Channeling Unavailable
30. Seth Network International Channeling Unavailable
31. SOL Association for Research Channeling Unavailable
32. Spiritual Education Endeavors – The Share Foundation Channeling Unavailable
33. Star of Isis Foundation Channeling 50 (1992)
34. Trilite Seminars Channeling Unavailable
35. Trinity Foundation Channeling Unavailable
36. Universal Association of Faithists Channeling Unavailable
37. Universal Life: The Inner Religion Channeling Unavailable
38. Universal Link Channeling Unavailable
39. Universalia Channeling Unavailable
40. Aetherius Society Flying Saucer Group 650 (1987)
41. Astar Command Flying Saucer Group Unavailable
42. Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara Flying Saucer Group Unavailable
43. Blue Rose Ministry Flying Saucer Group Unavailable
44. Cosmic Circle of Fellowship Flying Saucer Group 41 (2002)
45. Cosmic Star Temple Flying Saucer Group Unavailable
46. Delval UFO, Inc. Flying Saucer Group 400 (1992)
47. Extraterrestrial Earth Mission Flying Saucer Group Unavailable
48. GAF International/Adamski Foundation Flying Saucer Group Unavailable
49. Interplanetary Connections Flying Saucer Group Unavailable
50. Last Day Messengers Flying Saucer Group Unavailable
51. Mark-Age, Inc. Flying Saucer Group Unavailable
52. Semjase Silver Star Center Flying Saucer Group Unavailable
53. Star Light Fellowship Flying Saucer Group Unavailable
54. Unarius-Science of Life Flying Saucer Group Unavailable
55. United States Raelian Religion Flying Saucer Group 250 (2002)
56. Universarium Foundation Flying Saucer Group Unavailable
57. Universe Society Church (UNISOC) Flying Saucer Group Unavailable
58. White Star Flying Saucer Group Unavailable
59. World Understanding Flying Saucer Group Unavailable
60. The Church of Sunshine Drug-Related Group Unavailable
61. Church of the Tree of Life Drug-Related Group Unavailable
62. Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church Drug-Related Group Unavailable
63. Native American Church Drug-Related Group 225,000 (1977)
64. The Original Kleptonian Neo-American Church Drug-Related Group Unavailable
65. Peyote Way Church of God Drug-Related Group 236 (2001)
66. The Afro-American Social Research Association Psychic Group Unavailable
67. Alliance of Divine Love Psychic Group Unavailable
68. American Universalist Temple of Divine Wisdom Psychic Group Unavailable
69. The Aquarian Academy Psychic Group Unavailable
70. Association for Research and Enlightenment Psychic Group Unavailable
71. Astrological, Metaphysical, Occult, Revelatory, Enlightenment Church Psychic Group Unavailable
72. Chirothesian Church of Faith Psychic Group Unavailable
73. Christ Ministry Foundation Psychic Group Unavailable
74. Church of Basic Truth Psychic Group Unavailable
75. Church of Divine Man Psychic Group Unavailable
76. Church of Eductivism Psychic Group Unavailable
77. Church of General Psionics Psychic Group Unavailable
78. Church of Mercavah Psychic Group Unavailable
79. Congregational Church of Practical Theology Psychic Group Unavailable
80. Coptic Fellowship of America Psychic Group 3,500 (1992)
81. Embassy of the Gheez-Americans Psychic Group Unavailable

82. Emissaries of Divine Light Psychic Group Unavailable

83. Essene Fellowship of Peace/Spiritual Church of Ataraxia Psychic Group Unavailable

84. Essene Foundation Psychic Group Unavailable

85. Essene New Life Church Psychic Group Unavailable

86. Essene Order of Light Psychic Group Unavailable

87. Essenes of Arkashea Psychic Group Unavailable

88. Etherian Religious Society of Universal Brotherhood Psychic Group Unavailable

89. Foundation Faith of God Psychic Group Unavailable

90. Foundation of Human Understanding Psychic Group Unavailable

91. Heart Consciousness Church and New Age Church of Being Psychic Group Unavailable

92. Huna International Psychic Group Unavailable

93. Huna Research, Inc. Psychic Group Unavailable

94. Inner Light Foundation Psychic Group 10,000 (2002)

95. Inner Peace Movement Psychic Group Unavailable

96. Institute of Cosmic Wisdom Psychic Group Unavailable

97. Institute of Mentalphysics Psychic Group 6,000 (1995)

98. Interfaith Church of Metaphysics Psychic Group Unavailable

99. International Church of Spritual Vision, Inc. Psychic Group Unavailable

100. Kabalarian Society Psychic Group Unavailable

101. Karin Society Psychic Group Unavailable

102. Light Institute Psychic Group Unavailable

103. Loving Hands Institute Psychic Group Unavailable

104. Mindstream Church of Universal Love Psychic Group Unavailable

105. New Age Community Church Psychic Group Unavailable

106. New Age Samaritan Church Psychic Group Unavailable

107. New Psychiana Psychic Group Unavailable

108. The Only Fair Religion Psychic Group 10,000 (1972)

109. Planetary Light Association Psychic Group 2,700 (1987)

110. Portal Enterprises Psychic Group Unavailable

111. Process Church of the Final Judgment Psychic Group Unavailable

112. Quartus Foundation for Spiritual Research Psychic Group Unavailable

113. Quimby Center Psychic Group Unavailable

114. Religious School of Natural Hygeine Psychic Group 1,000 (1995)

115. Savitria Psychic Group Unavailable

116. Society of Novus Spiritus Psychic Group Unavailable

117. Spiritual Human Yoga Psychic Group Unavailable

118. Teaching of the Inner Christ, Inc. Psychic Group 500 (1998)

119. Theocentric Foundation Psychic Group Unavailable

120. True Church of Christ, International Psychic Group Unavailable

121. Unification Movement Psychic Group Unavailable

122. The United Spiritual Church of the Spiritual Advisory Council Psychic Group Unavailable

123. Universal Brotherhood Psychic Group Unavailable

124. Universal Oneness United Psychic Group Unavailable

125. Urantia Book Fellowship Psychic Group 1,500 (2002)

126. Urantia Foundation Psychic Group Unavailable

127. World Catalyst Church Psychic Group Unavailable


1 Source: J. Gordon Melton, The Encyclopedia of American Religions, 7th Edition, (Thomson Gale, 2002).